Cleaver Benchmade Morpho
Butterfly knife Benchmade Morpho
Cleaver Benchmade Morpho


Butterfly knife Benchmade Morpho

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Butterfly knife Morpho handleblack of the brandBenchmade, blade of108 mm colorwhite

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Butterfly knife Benchmade Morpho Blade length 108 mm handle g10 black

Called balisong or butterfly by weapons collectors, butterfly knives, originally from China, were created for military use. Today, the Butterfly knife is more used as an accessory to perform tricks rather than a knife. The butterfly knife, as its name suggests, has a handle with two moving parts. These parts allow it to be opened or closed with one hand. It also comes in two main categories: the veinte-quatro and the veinte-nueve. The first category, lighter and measuring nearly 24 cm, is for women. The Veinte-nueve is longer and is for men.
Balisong, butterfly, veinte-quatro, veinte-nuevo, so many names for butterfly knives. These edged weapons, which were once intended for military use, have now become a must for tricks. The mastery of the butterfly knife is even part of martial arts such as Kall-Anis. Compared to classic knives, the butterfly knife stands out in terms of design. It integrates a handle with two moving parts that allow it to be opened and closed with one hand. However, this feature requires extreme care when handling it. Being equipped with a sharp and pointed blade, it can present a danger if it is not handled properly. Butterfly knives, because of their double mobility handle, are part of the large family of folding blade knives. They are also available in different sizes with more futuristic designs for the delight of knife collectors.

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D2 steel
Handle composition
Blade length (mm)
Blade color
Blade profile
Drop Point
Handle color
Opening Security
Reversible clip


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