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Are you a fan of outdoor activities such as extreme adventures, wilderness camping, hiking, and survival training? For their practice, you will need a certain number of tools. Among these are the trekking and survival knife. Here’s what you need to know about it.

The use of the trekking/survival knife

The trekking and survival knife is a tool that is characterized by its versatility. It is very useful in many situations. You will be able to use it as a weapon.

During the practice of your outdoor activity, if you want to feed yourself by your own means, your knife will be indispensable for hunting and fishing.

As surprising as it may seem, you can also use it to make fire. For that, you will just have to cut wood shavings before scraping it to have Amadou. This fire will be very useful to warm up during the night and to keep nocturnal animals away.

The trekking or survival knife is also an effective tool for digging. It is essential to create your makeshift shelter in snowy or rainy weather or to find worms that are indispensable for your next fishing trip. It can also be used as a hammer, stake, and even a first-aid device.

The advantages of Khurts knives

Khurts offers a wide variety of trekking and survival knives to help you get out of tricky situations in the wilderness. These knives stand out from a good part of their competitors by their solidity and reliability. They exist in various formats to allow you to find the one that best suits your needs and requirements: fixed blade knivesfolding knives, small or large, with a smooth or serrated blade, etc.

Whatever your choice, a good survival knife is a tool that is both handy and easy to carry. The design of the handle and its manufacturing material will provide you good adherence and a better grip.

Some knives are even equipped with complementary equipment to ensure optimal versatility: firelighter, survival whistle, compass, etc.

Criteria for choosing a survival knife

The choice of such equipment is based on several criteria. First of all, there is sturdiness. Hunting or survival enthusiasts will confirm that it is better to choose a trekking and survival knife that is solid and with a carbon steel blade.

Maneuverability is also a parameter not to be neglected because the survival knife is a tool with multiple and repetitive uses. It is therefore recommended to prefer models with a handle made of a composite of resin and canvas or at least rubber.

The proportions must then be considered. In most cases, trekking and survival knives with a long, thick blade are more versatile in their use. They are, however, heavier and bulkier.

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Survival knife

A versatile weapon, the survival knife has a particular function, yet can be used in different situations. It has been designed to facilitate survival, escape or rescue and is one of the essential items in a survival kit. Thanks to its robustness and resistance, this knife is effective in difficult and wild environment. It can also be used in case of emergency, accidents, danger, and so on.

With rich characteristics, the survival knife can have thick or thin blades, a sophisticated or rough profile. It is designed to be resistant and suitable for all uses. Both weapon and utensil, the survival knife is indispensable during walks in the forest, camping, bushcraft or hunting. Whith this type of knife, you'll be ready for every situation.

Characteristics of the survival knife

The survival knife can have different characteristics. In terms of design, its profile most often varies with the brand or manufacturer. There are fairly compact models that fit in the pocket, or more elaborate models to carry in a special case.

The blade

The fixed blade of a survival knife can be smooth or serrated. A flat, smooth blade is used to split wood, while a serrated blade will be used to cut ropes, branches, etc. The blade can be made of carbon steel. While a very strong material, it is not resistant to corrosion. The models in stainless steel are very resistant to corrosion, but will be more difficult to sharpen. Some variants are also made of tool steel, which is a material especially dedicated to outdoor equipment and tools.

The handle

As for the handle of the survival knife, it can have a hollow design. This makes the knife more robust, and allows for a good grip. The material of the handle differs from model to model. It can be made of rubber, wood, aluminum, steel, metal or polymer. The choice is quite large.

Use of survival knife

The survival knife is intended for rough use. It can help in many situations, whether it is for splitting wood, making fire, preparing food, skinning, boning meat, etc. Thanks to its resistance, it is also used in all woodworking. As a survival knife, it can also be used as a first aid tool in case of an accident.

As a weapon, it can be used for hunting and fishing. It can also be used to dig the earth, wood, an object if needed. With an extremely solid handle, the survival knife can also be used as a material in certain cases. By using it as a stake, it will allow you to climb a tree. The uses of a survival knife are numerous.

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