Automatic Knives

Automatic knives

An automatic knife is part of the large family of folding blade knives. The sole difference is that the blade unfolds automatically, as its name suggests. Thus, a simple press on a button integrated in the handle is enough to activate the opening system. Commonly known as an ejector knife or snap-off knife, this type of knives incorporates a spring whose main function is to hold and release the blade when the mechanism is activated. This opening system can be lateral or frontal depending on the model.

Mainly used as a street weapon and originally used by gangs, automatic knives have now taken a new turn. Embodying a much more elegant design, breaking the aggressive side, it aims to be the high-end reference in the world of cutlery. In this respect, it can be used not only as a knife for stabbing and self-defense but also as a utility knife that lends itself to all possible uses. If you wish to acquire one to complete your collection or to make people envious, go to Khurts. Leader in the field of online cutlery, we have several models that meet the criteria of predilection of the most demanding collectors.

Why invest in an automatic knife?

The automatic knife can above all be used as a defensive knife. In case of aggression, it is practical enough to dissuade thugs. With its configuration, it can also be put in the pocket and go unnoticed. Equipped with a sharpened blade, an automatic knife can also be used in the kitchen, to cut culinary preparations. When hiking, it is just as efficient to get rid of the toughest pieces of wood. Even for picking, it is as subtle as the serpette for cutting mushroom stems without damaging the mycelium. With its design, an automatic knife can also become a collector's knife. The finesse of its design reflects a meticulous manufacturing worthy of an art knife.

An automatic knife: safe or not?

Compared to a fixed blade model, the automatic knife combines reliability and safety. Contrary to the general allegation, it is by no means likely to actuate itself. Moreover, in the vast majority of cases, automatic knives have a safety catch on the handle. To unlock this safety system, you will first have to press the button a first time and a second time to release the blade.

How to choose your automatic knife

The number one criterion for choosing an automatic knife is nothing less than quality. If the quality is not there, all the criteria will be missing. With this in mind, it is advisable to pay attention to the opening mechanism. Make sure that the knife has been properly assembled and that no parts have been misplaced, for added security. Next, be sure to check the material used to design the handle. If wood is timeless, stainless steel and bone are just as good. Make sure that the grip is ergonomic and comfortable to ensure easy handling.

On for the blade, you will have the choice between stainless steel, chrome steel and carbon steel. Although stainless steel is strong, carbon is sharper, while chrome is stronger.

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