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A knife is an indispensable tool in our daily lives. In the kitchen, it is often used to prepare meals, cut food, peel, slice... When camping or hiking, we use it to cut, carve... When hunting, fishing, or in survival activities, we need it to skin game, clean fish, and survive. To perform these functions effectively, it must keep its edge. Nothing better for that than to sharpen it regularly with a knife sharpener.

A knife sharpener is an accessory intended for sharpening the blade of a dull knife. By choosing the right sharpening, you won't have to futilely discard the knife and to buy a new one. There are different types of sharpener, starting with the sharpening stone, manual sharpeners, or electric sharpeners. The sharpening technique used can be more or less complex depending on the type of sharpeners you have. To satisfy all needs, our store has gathered here the best knife sharpeners and many more accessories for all users. For your kitchen knivessurvival kniveshunting knivestactical knives, or locking knives, please feel free to discover our models of sharpeners and to place your order. We guarantee you the reliability and performance of our cutlery products, but also a good quality-price ratio.

The different types of knife sharpeners

There are several types of sharpeners: manual models, electric models, sharpening stones, and sharpening steels.

Manual sharpeners: The size of a manual sharpener is usually compact. It fits easily into a kitchen drawer, backpack pocket, etc. Its biggest advantage is that you can take it with you and use it in any situation, even in the middle of nowhere. However, this type of sharpener is not always suitable for all knife blades.

Electric sharpeners: If you want to save time and avoid breaking your head, the electric sharpener is much more practical and faster. Your knife will be sharpened in record time, but you must always plug it into an electrical outlet during the sharpening process. If it has two slots, one for sharpening and one for tapering, the result will be top. It is ideal for effortless sharpening.

Sharpening stone: This type of sharpener is for experienced users. You can choose its grain, and more precisely the abrasiveness to adapt it to the knife to be sharpened. The end result is generally impeccable and more durable (up to several months). It also reduces the knife wear, provided you know how to handle it properly.

Sharpening steel: it consists of a solid steel drill bit that is covered with sharpening materials. It is the preferred sharpener for professionals because of its ease of use, quick results, and perfect sharpening. It can be used on almost all types of knives except for those with a broken blade.

Sharpening material and the blade to be sharpened

Sharpeners can use 4 types of material to sharpen, namely :

  • steel: ideal for straightening your knife blade.
  • the diamond: resistant and robust, it is generally present on sharpening steels.
  • the ceramic: more suitable for finishing.
  • natural stone (for sharpening stones): just choose the grain that is more or less abrasive.

It is important to know that a sharpener cannot sharpen all types of knives. Always check if the model is suitable for your knife. There are sharpeners specially designed for flat-bladed knives and others for serrated knives, such as meat knives, bread knives, etc.

How to use a sharpener safely?

Your sharpener must be easy and safe to use. The most difficult thing is to find the sharpening angle. Fortunately, our models come with a precise user guide to help you to understand quickly the sharpening process and master it. You can also find sharpeners equipped with a suction base, non-slip handle, and a protection system to make them safe to use.

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