Tactical and Police Knives

Tactical knives

The term tactical knife refers to knives that can be used in any situation. It is a reliable tool, whether it is to cut a piece of bread, cut a rope, carve wood, for a knife fight... "tactical" means above all "practical and useful" in all circumstances. Between the lightweight and discreet folding knives and the fixed-blade knives which are much bulkier and are almost the same size as small machetes, tactical knives come in many models.

The police tactical knife includes pocket knives, survival knives, hunting knives (hunting and fishing), kitchen knife, combat knife, etc. They can be tactical folding knives models or fixed blade tactical knives models. It can be used in everyday life as well as in outdoor activities. Therefore, if you practice bushcraft or if you like to go fishing, the tactical knife will always be useful.

Khurts, your online cutlery shop offers you a wide choice of tactical knives. You will find in our selection different models of tactical knives for all types of use. Whatever the model you are looking for, Khurts provides you with high-quality products renowned for their reliability. They are offered at various prices depending on the specificities and the intended use.

Choose the right knife

When purchasing a knife, choose the type of knife according to your activity: a hunting knife for hunting, a fishing knife for fishing, a camping or hiking survival knife, a multi-purpose knife, and so on. Especially if you want to purchase a quality knife and enjoy maximum reliability, you have to pay the price. If you don't make the right choice from the beginning, you will need to make a new purchase. Consequently, you will lose money and will be extremely frustrated.

Regardless of the model, pay attention also to the quality of the blade of the tactical knife. This one is of good quality when it is made of steel (carbon steel, damascus steel, stainless steel ...). Moreover, choose between a fixed blade tactical knife and a folding knife. If you opt for a folding tactical knife (folding pocket knife or folding knife), a wide range of models is available in our store. These models are popular because they are easy to carry, take up little space, and are sturdy. You will be able to keep them handy on your belt or in your pocket.

If you are looking for efficiency, reliability, and longevity, don't hesitate to opt for a fixed blade knife. Find on our site a vast array of models for you to choose from.

Why should you start using a tactical knife?

The tactical knife is a multi-purpose knife or multi-function knife. It can be used for hunting and outdoor activities. Even in the sporting field, we can find throwing knives. Easy to handle, the tactical knife is both a tool and a weapon. Its technical characteristics are robustness, versatility, and field effectiveness depending on the type of activity it will be used for.

Tactical knives were the basis of military equipment. Its overall length is generally 4.3 inches (open position). They were intended for commandos, but their uses have become more popular, being used sometimes in bushcraft activities, sometimes as part of the survival kit for scouts or hunters. It is essential to protect it with a sheath, preferably in leather.

The tactical knife handle can be made of different materials: you can choose between a wooden handle, an aluminum handle, or any other. The most important thing is that it is ergonomic and comfortable when you hold it in your hand. If you need a defensive or offensive weapon, pick from our range of tactical knives! We also offer a wide range of accessories to protect, maintain, and keep your knives in good condition.

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Police tactical knife

Each piece of cutlery is made for a specific use. Such is the case of the police tactical knife. It is an edged weapon intended for military use. This type of knife has been designed to be reliable, robust and resistant at the same time. It is distinguished by its aggressive side and its unsophisticated design and especially its clip-point type blade. This weapon is also called a tactical police knife or military knife.

The tactical knife is a defensive or offensive weapon, mainly used for defense. As a true combat weapon, it is often used by the military or police. The police tactical knife can also be used for many tasks, during an expedition in the forest, hunting or outdoor activities.

Characteristics of the police tactical knife

The police tactical knife is characterized by its camouflaged design. It is often equipped with a black blade and handle to facilitate camouflage. But these models can also have a neutral tone depending on the chosen material. They come in retractable designs, pocket sized or more massive shaped ones.

The blade of the police tactical knife

The police tactical knife can have a serrated, scalloped or smooth blade. A serrated blade can cut rope, textiles or harder objects more easily. A smooth one offers a more regular cut and is easier to sharpen. The blade of the tactical knife can also be folding or fixed. In the latter case, the knife can be carried with a protective case.

The material

Thanks to the choice of materials and its finish, the tactical police knife can withstand extreme conditions or an intensive use. The tactical knife is typically made of carbon steel. It is a strong, resistant and high quality material. Some types of alloy can also produce an extremely resistant tactical knife, such as G-10, a material composed of layers of fiberglass and resin.

Use of the Police Tactical Knife

The police tactical knife is characterized by its reliability and resistance in different situations. It is also a versatile and practical weapon, in other word "tactical", in the context of cutlery. It is a weapon that can be used at any time, whether for defense or to cut a rope. With its manufacturing process and solidity, this model can be used in extreme conditions and comply with the most complex requirements. While the police tactical knife was intended for the law enforcement, its use has been mainstreamed. It is nowaday suited for everyday use or even as a piece of collection.

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