Throwing Knives

Throwing knives

Knife throwing is a sport that is attracting more and more people. It is a variation of archery and consists of shooting at a target. But in this discipline, the knife will be cast by throwing, thus the name “throwing knife”. Since 2014, there are world championships specifically dedicated to this practice. The competitions are official and very serious. It is important to know that knife throwing is a sporting activity that requires skill and technique. But the secret of a successful throw lies above all in having a good knife.

A balanced design, a sharp blade sometimes without a handle, a perfect resistance to shocks, these are all characteristics of throwing knives. For the fans of this discipline, the choice of the knife is essential to reach the target. You wish to have the best models available in the market? Go to Khurts. We offer to all the amateurs of this sport, quality models, worthy of professional throwers. Balance, vibration, ergonomics, robustness, all these criteria are guaranteed in our wide range.

The different models of throwing knives

Since Antiquity, man has always used the knife for both hunting and picking. Over the centuries, this weapon has taken on a more ergonomic and sophisticated design. Today, it comes in a wide range of models to meet different uses. As far as knife throwing in particular is concerned, the craze for this activity has inspired different brands of cutlery to develop different categories. There are for example, the tang throwing knife, the handled one-piece model and the simple one-piece model.

The tang throwing knife

With its traditional design, the tang throwing knife has a long blade that extends into the handle. Although sensitive to vibrations, it ensures an ergonomic grip and allows for precision casting.

The handled one-piece model

As its name suggests, this type of monoblock knife has a handle and a single blade. Although it allows a pleasant and secure grip, it remains just as fragile as the tang knife.

The simple one-piece model

It is a simple dagger that is made of a single block as its name suggests. Some variations of this category of throwing knife are equipped with adjustment screws. Their main function is to slightly adjust the rotation distance of the knife. This functionality makes this model the most resistant of the whole range.

Criteria for choosing a throwing knife

In order to have the ideal throwing knife at your disposal, you will have to rely on the balance of the dagger. This characteristic will be chosen according to your level. If you are a neophyte in the field, models that are balanced in the center are recommended. This means that their center of gravity should be in the middle of the length and width of the knife. If you are already a practitioner of this sport and you like to throw your knife by the handle, prefer a model with a heavy blade.

After the balance, the steel from which the blade was forged is also a criterion of choice. The materials available are the stainless steel and carbon steel. While stainless steel is easy to sharpen, carbon steel is capable of piercing through all kinds of material. It will be preferred for your training sessions.

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