Axes and machetes

Axes and Machetes

Axes and machetes are indispensable tools for adventurers, hikers, hunters, or survivalists. Khurts offers these tools in various shapes, sizes and prices to suit everyone's needs. Here is how to choose your axe or machete.

Axes or machetes?

The axes

An axe is a long, straight tool made up of two large parts:

  • The handle, which allows it to be held in the hand. It is made of various types of materials such as wood, iron, foam, plastic, etc...
  • The axe head, which is the upper part with a cutting edge. It is usually made of very resistant metals (steel).

The axe is quite heavy, but fortunately, unlike the usual hunting knives, it can be used with two hands. It is a super powerful knife. It can cut down a big tree, provided that the user has the skills to master it. For a more handy, light, portable model, but less powerful, we got a replica in a small format: the hatchet. It is often used in survivalism to cut kindling or small to medium firewood.

The machetes

The machete is a middle knife that ranges from the large knife and the small sword which features a handle and sharpened blades. Its length is between 15.7 and 39 in (40 cm and 1 m). This tool is the companion of survivalist adventurers from which it takes its name: survival machete.

When you set out on an adventure in a hostile area, where you will have to cut wood, quickly clear the way to make your way through branches, brush and others, clear an area to build a survival shelter, set traps, etc. it is important to have a good basic tool like the machete.

How to choose the right axe/machete?

To find the right axe and machete for you, you will need to focus on several criteria:

The type

Each type of axe and machete has its specificities. For example, there are the tactical survival axe, lumberjack, carpenter, hand or special bushcraft axes, etc.

For the machete, you will have the choice between the classic Latin machete (long and straight) and the sugar cane machete, the elegant and versatile kukri, the bolo and the scythe machete.

The usage

In survivalism, the axe is generally used in shelter construction and camp preparation. You just have to make sure that its characteristics (weight, length, etc.) suit your requirements and your use. For example, you are not going to use a small axe or tomahawk to split wood.

Survivors use machete in many ways. For example, they can be used to easily cut branches and brambles to clear a path.

In everyday life, the machete is equally effective as a gardening or agricultural tool.

The blade

For the axe head, you will have a wide range of choices depending on the quality, strength, weight, maintenance and performance you are looking for. The most commonly used material today is steel.

For the machete, whether it's quality, strength, length, shape, longevity, etc., the uniqueness of each model lies in its blade. It must therefore be very solid and above all well sharpened.

The handle

Here too, a wide choice of materials is available for survival enthusiasts and hunters. Whether it is for the axe or the machete, the handle can be made of wood, plastic, steel, polypropylene, rope, carbon fibre, etc. The choice of the handle will be largely decided on comfort when holding them.

The weight

If you plan to use your axe or machete for a longer period, we recommend you to choose a lighter model to ensure better handling and control.

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Axes and machetes.

Axes and machetes are indispensable in everyday life in some countries of the world. In Europe, these accessories are also useful in the daily life of some people (farmers, survivalists, etc.). Discover with Khurts, different models and brands of axes and machetes to help you get through your daily work (DIY, wood cutting, etc.).

What are the axes and machetes?

Axes and machetes are tools used for cutting or slicing. In some tropical regions or in forests, these tools are indispensable for all types of wood-related work. They can also be used for agricultural or livestock work.

Characteristics of an axe

The axe consists of a short but broad blade of iron or metal. It is attached to a handle often made of wood. However, recent models may have a hybrid or steel handle. There are several types such as the battle axe, used in warfare in the past, the throwing axe, used in the discipline of axe throwing, or simply the classic model used to cut wood or for DIY work.

Features of the machete

The machete, on the other hand, resembles a very wide knife with a curved blade likely to have a sharp pointed tip. The machete can be used for a variety of tasks. That's why there are several types of machetes. In tropical countries or countries with a hot climate, the machete is initially used to clear paths that are overgrown with vegetation. They were used for example in the jungle or in sugar cane plantations. The machete can also be used as a defensive weapon. Thanks to its sharp blade, it can cause serious injuries.

Use of axes and machetes.

For an expedition in the forest or for a bushcraft activity, axes and machetes are the basic tools and equipment. In a hostile environment, or in a wilderness environment, they can be used to clear a path, to build a shelter, to cut trees, or to protect oneself from a danger, such as a wild beast or poachers. In many tropical regions, machetes have one main function: clearing brush. The use of machetes or axes is not regulated. However, the carrying of this type of weapon must be authorised or documented, if you need to carry it in an urban environment.

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