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Neck knives

A neck knife is literally a knife that is placed around the neck. Compact and always at hand, its size does not make any concession to its performance or efficiency. Whether for survival and self-defense or for classic use, a neck knife will be your best ally. Being an integral part of fixed blade knives, it has neither hinge point nor mobile lock. This design gives it lightness, discretion and practicality in case of emergency.

In terms of design, it is available in many variations. While some have a sober and elegant look, others feature a more aggressive design. As for the handle choices, everyone will meet their share. Some models are designed in ABS, nylon or wood, others with fiberglass handles. Whatever your preference, at Khurts, you'll be sure to find what you need. We offer to all collectors and inveterate cutlers unique models that boast great design, practicality and ergonomics. In terms of price, this criterion is up to all budgets.

The characteristics of a neck knife

The first key element that makes all the difference between a neck knife and a classic knife is the size of its blade. While usually no more than 10 inches in length, it can be extremely devastating due to the finesse of its design. Thin and sharp, it is able to make a deep cut. At the same time, it is undeniably versatile. Thus, apart from being used as a defensive weapon, the neck knife can also be used in cooking and hiking.

In terms of design, there are many variations and the brands are constantly showing originality to seduce collectors. For example, there are some models in the shape of claw, arrowhead, spear or saw.

The criteria for choosing a neck knife

In order to choose the right neck knife, there are several things to consider. The blade is among the most important factors. Although all knives come with a steel blade, the type of steel used will differ depending on the model. Some, for example, have a stainless steel design. Although stainless steel is resistant to rust and various external aggressions, it is not as sharp as carbon steel. As for the size of the blade, a good compromise will have to be found. If it is too long and thick, the knife will be heavy to carry around your neck. If it is thin and too short, it will not serve any more than a key ring knife.

The handle of neck knives also comes in many types of materials, but wood is the sole one that entirely ensures an easy grip. Fiberglass may be aesthetically pleasing, but the downside is that it is slippery. An ABS plastic handle provides an excellent grip, but in terms of durability, this remains to be proven.

The sheath is also not to be neglected when buying a neck knife. Its main function is to protect your neck from contact with the knife. It can also be used to ensure the durability of the blade. In this regard, it is better to make sure that the sheath has an inner coating that protects the blade against shocks.

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