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Practical and versatile, the pocket knife is an object that can be used for anything. At the table, in the kitchen, during hiking, camping, and even for self-defense, this utensil can be used at any time. But what is it?

What is a pocket knife?

The pocket knife or folding knife is an object whose blade folds into the handle. This makes it very easy to carry, especially when you're traveling. Its ergonomic size allows the knife to be stored in a trouser, coat, or backpack pocket. For safety reasons, the knife can be stored in a sheath.

A pocket knife is a tool you can carry with you every day. It can be used in many situations. It can be a survival knife in the wilderness, a knife to peel fruit, or a tool to cut electrical wires.

How do you use a pocket knife?

The pocket knife can be used at any time. To use it, remove the blade from the handle and keep it straight. The knife is held by the handle. After use, it is important to clean the knife to maintain its sharpness. Do not dampen or clean it with water, as this can cause rust. On the other hand, simply wipe the blade with a soft cloth to clean it. A pocket knife should be sharpened from time to time. If it is a steel blade, it should be sharpened on a synthetic stone. If it is a carbon blade, it should be sharpened on natural stone. Besides, the pins of the pocket knife must also be cleaned to get rid of any dirt that may be embedded in them. Use a toothpick to reach the most difficult to reach parts.

How do I choose my pocket knife?

The choice of a pocket knife must meet the requirements of versatility, quality of cut, size, and aesthetics. Once you have determined what your pocket knife will be used for, here are some criteria to observe:

Number of blades

The pocket knife can be single or multi-blade. The single blade model is practical for camping, hiking, or bushcraft. The multi-blade model is ideal if you do several activities and large tasks (agriculture, electricity, etc.)

Versatility and multifunction

There are also multifunctional pocket knives, the perfect example of which is the Swiss Army knife. These are several tools connected to a single handle: decapping, screwdriver, corkscrew, chisel, nail file, etc. It is practical for all activities.

The material of the blade

The blade of a pocket knife is made of steel. But there are three variations. Stainless steel resists corrosion well but does not offer a perfect cut. Carbon steel offers the best sharpness but is sensitive to water. Finally, Damascus steel is strong and resistant to demanding tasks, but it is also sensitive to water.

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Folding knives Every Day Carry

An Every Day Carry Knife or EDC is literally a tool designed to be "worn every day". It is a practical knife that is suitable for a variety of everyday tasks. A folding model is even more functional due to its compact design. If you need an efficient and convenient cutting tool that you can take anywhere with you, EDC folding knives may be just what you need.

Khurts, our online cutlery shop is for knife enthusiasts and seasoned users as well as novices looking for reliable products to accompany them in their activities. Our Every Day Carry knives are the perfect accessories to help you in the simplest tasks. They are also adapted to more exciting disciplines such as hunting, camping, trekking, etc. Our catalog include numerous models of folding knives designed for any activity. Our website also features various brands of knives more or less recognized in the industry. In all cases, Khurts always guarantees the quality and reliability of the knives we offer.

Why buy an EDC knife?

An EDC knife has, in general, a blade of 7 cm although on some models it is longer, reaching sometimes more than 9 cm. It is thus not very cumbersome, especially since it is also extremely light. In addition, its cutting edge is designed to resist rust, temperature variations and the most difficult tasks. Manufacturers use ultra strong, yet lightweight steel in the design of the blade. This means that the knife is adapted to extreme conditions. Every Day Carry folding knives then have definite advantages.

  • Discreet, compact and easy to transport — thanks to its small size, the folding knife EDC fits in your pocket. You can also slip it in your bag for easy reach.
  • Convenient use — peeling a fruit, spreading a sandwich, preparing a snack while camping or hunting, etc. The EDC knife is efficient, just choose the right model for you.
  • Suitable for all users — no special skills nor experience are required to use an EDC knife, it is safe for everyone.

What are the uses for an EDC knife?

The uses of an EDC knife are many, not to say infinite. Fishing, hunting, camping, outdoor sports and activities, it can complement your equipment. There is also a wide choice of models on the market. Find the ones with the best value for money on our site.

To choose your EDC knife, here are some reference criteria:

  • The design — it is often a matter of preference since EDC pocket knives almost always display magnificent designs.
  • The size — all EDC knives have a reduced size, but the dimensions are variable, so you have to define the one that suits you.
  • Weight — if you're looking for a knife that's ultra light and discreet, look for models with minimal weight and bulk.
  • The edge of the blade — EDC knives blade are very resistant, those made in super steel blades can also keep their sharpness for a long time.
  • The price — depending on your budget, you can find cheap, mid-range or top-of-the-range EDC knives on Khurts.
  • The regulation — since the wearing of knives is regulated in France, make sure you have a knife adapted to the environment.

You want to buy an folding knife EDC for your own use or as a gift for a relative? Feel free to browse through our product list to make your choice!

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