Table knives

Table knife

A table knife is a piece of cutlery and part of a dinner service. Table knives are generally of moderate sharpness, designed to cut only prepared and cooked food. They are usually made of stainless steel and may be ornate, often with bone, wood or ivory handles. The distinguishing feature of a table knife is a blunt or rounded tip. In any dinner service, the knife is usually engraved with the maker's stamp on the blade. Most table knives require a fork to stabilize the food during cutting. Tilting knives, on the other hand, do not.

Want to buy one with no idea about which model to choose? Khurts is here to help you in any category of knife. An online cutlery expert, we offer a wide range of table knives with various functions. We have selected the best models on the market. Our catalogue gathers reliable, ergonomic and premium products at an unbeatable price.

Blade and tang — great factors of a knife's quality

The quality and price of the knife reflect its fabrication. Fully forged knives are universally considered the best on the market. They are created from a single piece of steel. Stamped knives are made using a machine that cuts a strip of stainless steel. While not as durable as fully forged steel blades, they are less expensive to manufacture and purchase.

The tang of a knife is another great way to measure quality. Fully forged kitchen knives have a blade that extends the full length of the handle and is fastened with rivets. The go to choice for professional chefs, full tang blades are ideal for cooking enthusiasts. The same goes for half-tang blades for every day cooking, although they are not as good as the full tang ones. These knives have blades that extend up to three-quarters of the way down the handle. Khurts offers a variety of table knives ranging from bread knives to slicing knives. Just choose the knife adapted to your needs and preferences.

Bread knife

A good bread knife is a must in any kitchen. With their serrated or scalloped edges, these knives are perfect for cutting pastries and much harder foods.

Slicing knife

Often long and thin, a slicing knife is sometimes called a carving knife. Suitable for cutting poultry, meat and fish, this knife allows you to obtain thin and regular slices.

Fillet knife

Similar in design to a boning knife, a fillet knife is also long and thin to easily remove fish bones. Typically flexible, this knife will allow you to cut the fish fillet with precision and maximum control.

Boning knife

Designed for easy handling, the boning knife is long and thin with a sharp point. Perfect for removing bones from meat, boning knives are often more flexible than other table knives.

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