Bread knives

Bread knives

A bread knife is a special table knife designed to cut through the bread crust without compressing its soft interior in the process. The key point of its design is the frequency and width of the serrations. In some cases, the blade is straight at each end of the bread knife, with a longer grooved section in the middle. Serrated bread knives are often sharpened on only one side. The low number of teeth help the blades slide quickly and cleanly through the bread.

Feel like buying one to complete your kitchen collection? But you have no idea which model to choose? Khurts is there to guide your choice. Specialist in online cutlery, we provide you with a wide choice of bread knives able to meet your expectations. Choose from our selection of the best models on the market. We have considered quality, reliability and ergonomics to ensure optimal comfort of use. In addition, each range you will find is offered at an excellent quality-price ratio.

The shape and length of the blade, two factors to check for the right bread knife

Some blades will be curved, with the point and/or handle lifting slightly from the heel of the blade, while others will be straight. Due to the reciprocating cutting action, a curved blade gives better joint clearance when you reach the last few strokes of a cut. This is an interesting feature for those with large hands, as it prevents your fingers to thump against the cutting board.

A curved blade also makes it easier to see what you're doing. This gives you better control and reduces slicing mishaps.

The length of the blade is also another factor to consider. It is generally between 8 and 11 inches. The longer the blade is, the less you'll need to go back and forth to complete a cut. Longer blades also make it easier to cut artisanal breads and baguettes, as well as cutting more efficiently protein toasts.

At Khurts, you will find all models of bread knives for all needs, the choice is yours.

Types of serrations

The groove is an important element to consider when opting for a bread knive. Different shapes and numbers of teeth offer different results. The design of the serrations will also vary from brand to brand. Some will have a soft, scalloped edge with rounded tips, while others will have a more aggressive profile with sharper, almost hook-shaped tips.

These latter require a little less pressure from the user. They often pierce a hard crust better than rounded teeth. However, they also create more crumbs.

As said earlier, the number of teeth also has an impact. Some will be tightly packed along the edge, while others will have their teeth spaced further apart. The number of serrations is determined by the number of teeth per inch, or TPI. Basically, the lower the number, the coarser the cut will be.

With fewer teeth, the space between them is larger. This detail is important. The larger the furrow, the larger the cut and the easier the blade moves.

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