Training Knife

Training knives

Martial arts aficionados and avid knife collectors are the biggest fans of training knives. This actually different from the type intended for military use. The training knife is a cold steel that can be handled quickly. Of Filipino origin, it quickly became available in a wide range of models.

If the balisong or butterfly knife was originally designed for self-defense, today it is an integral part of some martial arts disciplines such as Kall-Anis. The principle of this practice consists in making Tricks, impressive figures that are linked by openings and closings of the knife.

Training knives, compared to classic knives, stand out because of their blunt blade. This design has been carefully thought out so that every beginner in the field of knife handling will not get hurt. In terms of design, it embodies the same anatomy as a balisong. At Khurts, we offer reliable, ergonomic and premium quality training knives for everyone. You will be able to easily find the right address to handle a real butterfly knife.

Why a training knife?

If the balisong knife can injure, the training knife is non-lethal. Improper handling of the blade will not injure the knife wealder, thus, its name. Its use then is only intended to accompany a beginner in the handling of a real butterfly knife later on. As far as design is concerned, a training knife is of course characterized by a rounded blade. And like a balisong, it also has two removable handles. Once closed, these handles give the knife a look similar to a pocket model.

Colored training balisong for originality

Of all the range of training knives on the market, the colored balisong is the most popular. These models come in a variety of colors with removable handles. This particularity gives the knife an original and pleasant aspect at the same time. So even if you have to use the training balisong until you become an expert in handling the knife, you might as well make sure that its look is very pleasant.

Stainless steel training balisong for durability

The blade of a training knife is often made of copper. However, models with a stainless steel blade are more resistant to wear and rust. Often embellished with a copper handle and a titanium coating, these models also feature an incomparable artistic look.

Blunt balisong for elegance

These types of training knives are equipped with a blunt blade with a claw design. By choosing these models, you will have a knife that is easy to handle, yet as stylish as neck knives.

How to maintain a training knife?

As the training knife is blunt, we will skip the sharpening. The case though is an important element to consider. Although this accessory is mainly dedicated to protect your body from the blade, it can just as well be used to preserve the aesthetic aspect of the knife. To avoid scratching the handle and the blade, you will have to choose a case made of a soft material. Copper as well as suede will be perfect. Also remember not to put your knife in contact with water. If it is the case, wipe it properly before putting it back in its case. The same applies if your hands have been sweaty while handling it.

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