Knife accessories

Knife accessories

If you are a knife enthusiast, you no longer need to be taught that accessories are also important to keep the edge and to optimize the lifespan of your weapon. There are accessories to repair, assist and maintain your knife. Whether it is a table knife, a hunting knife or a survival knife, you can get the best knife accessories at Khurts, your cutlery store.

Find in particular on our online store, a large choice of quality knife accessories, offered at attractive prices. In this category, we put at your disposal selected equipment carefully, coming from the reference brands in cutlery. Our products include everything that revolves around the world of knives: a knife case, sharpener or sharpener for your blades, sharpening stone ... Find everything you need for the maintenance of your knife by browsing through our catalog.

The different accessories for knife

The sharpening stone:

The professionals of sharpening and honing recommend the double-sided stone for household use. Thanks to a sharpening stone, you can keep a beautiful blade of your knife. Whether it is a large knife, a kitchen knife, or a pocket knife ... It is always essential to sharpen the blade to maintain its edge and a good cutting performance. The sharpening stone is available in several models with very soft, medium or very abrasive grains. Its use requires training and enough space. This knife accessory is available at different prices.

Magnetic bars and knife block:

In the kitchen, magnetic bars are among the essential accessories for your knives. They will dress up your kitchen at the same time as saving you a considerable amount of time. Thanks to this practical and elegant accessory, you will always know where to place your knife! In the same way, you can also opt for a knife block that you will install on your worktop to keep your cutlery close at hand at all times.

Protective case:

Buyers tend to neglect the case when it is undeniably an integral part of the essential accessories. It is a great essential for a knife with a fixed blade, but much less for a folding knife or a folding model. It is above all a question of safety. Its main function is to allow you to carry your knife on your belt during outdoor activities (outdoor, bushcraft, scouts, hunting...), while protecting your fingers and the parts of your body that could be in contact with the blade. Finally, a beautiful leather knife case is a very aesthetic knife accessory that will definitely enhance your equipment.

Maintenance oil:

Taking good care of your knives is essential. It is to guarantee their cutting reliability and longevity. Clean them by hand under running water then dry them. Once the cleaning has been done, you can use a maintenance oil. Apply it with a soft cloth on the blade and wooden handle of your knives. The oil will bring shine and strength to your blade.

Handle plate:

Wooden, horn or steel inserts are available in different sizes to best fit the handle of the knife you wish to assemble. The handle plate allows you to gain a little thickness and to limit any small imperfections of flatness.

Blade set:

Often, in stainless steel, the blade sets allow a great resistance to corrosion and a quality cut. Quality models are a guarantee of reliability that you can benefit from throughout the life of your knife.

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