Hunting knives

Hunting knives

As their name suggests, hunting knives are tools designed specifically for use in hunting and even survival situations. During a hunting trip or an adventure in the wilderness, this knife will have many uses: to sharpen arrows of your throwing weapon (crossbow or bow), to cut, but also to skin, bone, and prepare your catch.

But it is important to note that there are different types of hunting knives. Even experienced hunters sometimes find it difficult to make their choice. On Khurts, our store dedicated to cutlery, we are keen to offer you a variety of models, renowned for their reliability and performance.

Folding blade or fixed blade hunting knife?

Should you choose a folding blade or a fixed blade hunting knife? The thing to remember is that a folding blade is practical and compact. The knife becomes immediately less bulky, so it is easy to transport. But it is fragile because it can break if you don't regularly maintain its mechanism. On the other hand, the fixed blade hunting knife is resistant and much stronger. Because of its length, it is bulkier. For obvious safety reasons, it must also be put in a sheath to protect it.

What about the hunting dagger material and shape?

The material of the knife blade will depend on its strength and robustness. Stainless steel or carbon steel is commonly used for making daggers. Stainless steel retains its sharpness better over time, although it is less accurate than carbon steel. However, carbon steel blades have the disadvantage of rust and the need for regular sharpening. The folding hunting knives blades are made with titanium blades instead.

Clip point or drop point blade?

There are several shapes of hunting dagger. First, there is the clip point, meaning that the blade is long and its point is raised. In this category, we find the Bowie knife and the gutting knife. It is the ideal tool when you skin or cut up a game. Then there is the drop point blade that features a folded tip. Besides, there are also the blades with short, piercing blades for stabbing the heart of a game, the wide blades for skinning like Skimmer knives, or the serrated blades. It is more about feeling and use. Do not hesitate to test the knife to see if you like the model.

The handle: an important point?

The handles of the knife can also be made from bone, leather, wood, plastic... This is also a personal choice based on the preferences of each user. But besides this parameter, the handle greatly affects your ability to cut. The most important point is therefore to make sure it is comfortable to use and in the hand, especially in hunting conditions.

Multi-option hunting knives

Hunting knives are nowadays more versatile to enhance the hunting experience for hobby hunters. So, you can purchase models with extra features, such as a fire starter, a bottle opener... Choose the features that will serve you so you don't go out of your budget. However, offers hunting daggers and skinning knives in different price ranges to fit your budget.

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Hunting knife

Characteristics of a hunting knife

Hunting knives are extremely robust tools. They are suitable for very tough tasks such as hunting, or preparing the game. This type of knife exists in several shapes. It can be equipped with a fixed blade or a folding blade. While larger than the compact folding blade model, the fixed blade knives are stronger and more resistant. It will allow a more efficient cut.

Using the hunting knife

Hunting knives, as its name suggests, is a weapon suitable for outdoor hunting. There are different shapes and models available for a specific use. For example, the skinning knife and the caping knife. There is also the gutting knife, the butchering model or the boning knife. To be sure to have the right knife model during a hunting expedition, it is preferable to opt for a multipurpose model like the the pocket knife as it combines different functions in one piece.

The different types of hunting knives

There are different types of hunting knives according to their use:

  • The Bowie knife is a very old model, designed by James Bowie, it has a fixed blade of 10 to 30 cm. With its pointed blade, it is adapted to the cutting of meat.
  • The Skinner knife has a short but rather fine blade with a rising tip. It is used to skin the beast without tearing.
  • The caping knife is quite special. It is specially used to tear the skin of the animal without touching its neck, shoulders and chest.
  • The boning knife is used to remove the carcass from the meat without any particular damage.
  • The gutting knife is a tool dedicated to remove the viscus or the beast's organs without perforating them.
  • The carving knife, as its name suggests, resembles a butcher knife.
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