‌Often ignored or neglected, the case is nevertheless an essential knife accessory, which should not be separated from the knife. This material guarantees above all a protection of the knife, and more particularly the handle and the blade, from any form of shock.

‌To move around with your knife in complete safety and peace of mind during your outdoor activities, it is more prudent to store the knife in a suitable case. This prevents injuries caused by the contact of the blade with your body. Hooked on your belt or slipped into your pocket, it will also be very easy to carry.

‌Moreover, a case is also very aesthetic and allows you to better highlight your knife and bring more style to your outfit.

‌Do you need a case for your knife? Our Khurts store offers you a whole range of cases adapted to your knife, its use, and your clothing style. No matter the design, smooth blade, serrated, folding or straight knife, be sure to find the case that fits your knife among our selections. In addition, our qualified staff is at your side to guide you and help you in your choice.

‌The manufacturing material, an essential case choice criterion

‌Depending on the material used for its manufacture, different choices are available. However, it must be done according to the shape of your knife, its use and your activities.

‌Leather remains the best choice since ever. It is highly prized for its durability, but also for its practicality. Very flexible, the leather case accompanies all your movements and prevents you from discomfort or rubbing with the blade. It also keeps the knife stable and prevents damage to the blade. It goes without saying that it is a very aesthetic material, especially when it is finely worked. Available in several styles and colors, the Khurts cases bring a touch of personalization, and more style to your clothing.

‌Very robust, durable and easy to clean, plastic cases are also very popular. They are resistant to various external aggressions, abrasions, stains, etc., and can accompany you for all your travels. They are ideal for your modern knives. Usually equipped with fixing holes, they offer you different modes of transport.

‌Do you have a tight budget? The faux leather case is an excellent alternative. Imitating leather, it is very aesthetic, and requires less maintenance than leather.

‌The type of knife, another determining case choice criterion

‌The choice of the case must be made according to the model of your knife, fixed or folding. You have a folding knife? We offer you a whole range of adapted cases, from horizontal, vertical, mixed port and pebble.

‌With a very simple style, the horizontal or vertical case makes it easy to store your knife. It includes a snap fastener to keep it securely inside. As for the mixed one, it can be worn both horizontally and vertically.

‌For your fixed knives, we offer different types of cases, combining aesthetics and practicality. You can choose between the standard, the dangler, the Pouch, the Pancake, and the Randall Pouch.

‌Belt case vs pocket case

‌To carry your knife conveniently everywhere you go, there are different alternatives available.

‌The belt pouches are equipped with a belt loop for horizontal or vertical wear, and a snap button on the flap to secure the knife inside.

‌If you don't want to be cluttered, you can choose the pocket case and store your knife in your pocket.

‌Find the model that suits you among the different designs we offer in our online store.

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