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Unlike fixed blade knives, the folding blade knife can easily fit in your bag or pocket. If it was initially designed for shepherds, its use has been substantially expanded in recent years, especially among the adventure-loving community. Here's everything there is to know about it.

The different uses of a folding blade knife

When we talk about a folding blade knife, hiking is the first thing that comes to mind. A good part of its users is fond of it. The knife will be used to cut branches, hunt, or fish without the traditional tools dedicated to it. It also excels in simple everyday tasks such as cutting bread and cheese. It can also be indispensable as a complementary first-aid device.

The folding blade knife is also a must for survivalists. Not only does it allow them to find food, but also to light a fire, dig or build a shelter to protect themselves from the weather conditions.

The different types of folding blade knives

Before choosing your folding blade knife or folding pocket knife, be aware that there are several models available to suit your type of use. It can be equipped with one or several blades (multi-blade).

Those with a single blade are especially recommended for hiking, camping, bivouac, or bushcraft enthusiasts.

The multi-blade models, which often include a small and a large blade, are an ideal choice for farmers or other nature adventure enthusiasts.

Folding blade knives can also be multi-functional. In addition to the traditional blade, they include one or more other accessories such as a chisel, corkscrew, small saw, and nail file.

Finally, the different models of folding blade knives stand out for their opening and closing mechanism:

  • The most traditional mechanism with manual activation
  • Automatic mechanism
  • Assisted opening mechanism

How to choose a folding knife?

To choose a knife with a folding blade, you should base your choice on:

  • The type and the manufacturing material of the blade: when it comes to resistance, Sandvik is a better choice. However, when we look at rust resistance, nothing beats stainless steel. In terms of prestige, Damascus is way ahead. And if you only look at the price, carbon steel is the cheapest.
  • The type of blade: Smooth blades allow you to make clean cuts, while serrated blades are mainly suitable for sawing. Note that there is a mixed category between the two.
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Folding blade knives

A folding blade knife is safe yet multifunctional. It can be used daily for cutting, opening boxes, gardening or DIY, and is also a perfect tool in the wilderness. Easy to carry and use, it is the knife for everyone.

Characteristics of folding blade knives

Folding blade knives are tools with special characteristics. The blade of the knife can be folded into the handle. This configuration ensures a safe transport of the cutting tool, but also protects the blade against external aggressions, such as corrosion, mechanical shocks or wear.

To allow the blade to be locked or unlocked, there is a pivot system that allows the blade to be housed in the handle. The mechanisms of this pivot ensure that the blade can be locked or unlocked in complete safety. Unlocking can be done manually or automatically.

The different types and uses of folding blade knives

Folding blade knives are pocket models. They have a compact size that makes them easy to carry. There can be several models, such as the pocketknife, Swiss Army knife, tactical knife and many others. Folding blade knives are suitable for outdoor use, or for active lifestyle. Their use is mainly occasional, but they can be adapted for everyday use. The choice of such a tool will therefore be made according to the occasion.

Folding blade knives are practical for camping, hiking, hunting or bushcraft activities. Their light and compact shapes make it possible to conceal them.

Advantages of folding blade knives

Knives with folding blades have the advantage of being compact. This makes them easy to transport. The folding mechanism also keeps the user safe from injury or cuts since the blade is locked. These types of knives can be especially practical since some models can be equipped with different blades (file, pointed tip blade, flat blade, serrated blade, etc.) depending on the objects to be cut. It is a true multifunction tool that can be used anytime. If you have to move around town, the folding blade knife is the most suitable. With its pocket size, it can be easily concealed.

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