Fixed blade knives

Fixed blade knives

Being the most common type of knife, the fixed blade knife is used in many tasks and activities. Its versatility and sturdiness make it a perfect choice for outdoor activities. Discover this essential tool.

What is a fixed blade knife?

A fixed blade knife is an invaluable tool for outdoor activities. Its blade cannot bend but remains firmly attached to the handle. The tip of the blade is slightly lower than the knife pin. This is the classic and traditional way of making a knife.

This tool is very useful for cutting small wood, rope, or for quickly building a shelter. It is also used during hunting activities. More solid and reliable compared to a folding knife model, the fixed blade knife is suitable for all tasks, even for the more demanding tasks.

As a true survival tool, it can include many accessories: compass, firestone, etc. The fixed-blade knife can be considered as a bladed weapon. It must be used with all necessary precautions.

The different types and uses of fixed blade knives

There are two types of fixed blade knives that you can use depending on the situation:

  • The survival knife: it is designed for outdoor activities such as wilderness camping, hiking, bushcraft, etc. This type of knife comes generally with several accessories adapted for extreme conditions, such as a fire starter, a sharpener, a paracord, a whistle and a signaling mirror.
  • The hunting knife: it is designed for hunting activities such as hunting dagger and cutting or butchering activities such as the skinning knife. The quality of the blade and its sharpness are very important to have a sharp edge.

How to safely use a knife with a fixed blade?

The fixed blade knife is a tool designed for the experienced user. It must be handled safely to avoid the risk of inadvertent cutting or injury. For transport, it is important to keep it in its protective sheath. This will help prevent rust and maintain the blade sharpness.

Always clean the fixed blade knife after use. If you store the knife directly wet or dirty for a prolonged period of time, it will show signs of rust. Clean the blade with a soft cloth. Dry the tool before storing it in its sheath. For the handle, use a toothpick or cotton swab to clean any dirt from the handle.

To prevent your knife from rusting, it is important to grease the fixed blade from time to time. Finally, sharpening should not be neglected. It is an essential step to keep the edge of the knife.

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Fixed blade knife

Khurts offers different models, sizes, brands and ranges of fixed blade knives. Be it for survivalism, cooking, hunting, or adventure in the wilderness, the ideal knife adapted to your budget and passion is just one click away.

Characteristics of fixed blade knives

Fixed blade knives are the traditional models of knives. They are characterized by a stationary blade, mainly distinguished by its shape which extends into the handle to form a single piece. The steel part that extends the blade and fixes the handle is called the "tang". It is characterized mostly by the assembly of the blade and the handle. It is "partial" when done by gluing or embedding. For screws or rivets, the tang is called "half tang", "three-quarter tang" or "full tang" depending on the length of the tang compared to the handle. Fixed blade knives can be of variable length, shape and weight.

Different types of fixed blade knives and their use

This type of knife can be indispensable in the kitchen, in the field, in case of survival or danger. Most pieces of cutlery have a fixed blade, such as the chef's knife, the utility knife or the table knife. In the field, the survival knife is the most commonly used fixed blade knife. It can be used for many tasks such as cutting wood, making fire, hunting and butchering game, preparing food and so on. Even in the army, the military or tactical knife is one of the most popular fixed blade knives. It allows to defend oneself in case of attack.

Advantages of fixed blade knives

With its construction, the fixed blade knife is robust and reliable in all conditions, even the most extreme. It is a versatile knife that can be used both as a cutting tool and as a defensive weapon. In addition, this type of knife is very easy to use and very practical in situations where speed is essential. Depending on the material, fixed blade knives can last several years.

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