Mushroom knives

Mushroom knives

For lovers of hiking and especially precious forest fruits, the mushroom knife is the best travel companion. They allow you to harvest porcini mushrooms, nails, chanterelles or other species that you are looking for, while preserving the environment in which you evolve. A cut with the right tool, done correctly, is much better than tearing, pulling, ruining the mushroom. Or even the branches and plants nearby.

The quality of a mushroom knife is determined by various factors: sharpness, firmness, ease of handling, ergonomic handle, manufacturing materials, proportions, heat treatment, water and rust resistance, design, stability, durability, balance, weight, blade type, tip and forged construction. You must pay attention to these various criteria in your choice.

  • To identify the right mushroom knife for you, you must try the handle, it must be safe and comfortable and not cause contractions or discomfort.
  • You must also choose the right blade to accompany you during your picking parties. It must be sharp and practical to cut mushrooms in a single stroke.
  • The size of your mushroom knife is also essential. It must be small enough to be practical to use, but with a blade not too short to help you reach the roots of the mushrooms.
  • For safety reasons, your mushroom knife should also be easy to carry and use. To avoid accidents, it must be protected with a case, or foldable.

The best models of mushroom knives

On our site, we offer you the best models of mushroom knives. You have the choice between different brands, different sizes, but also different models of mushroom knives.

Mushroom knife with brush

It is a knife particularly popular with mushroom picking enthusiasts, with a ruler for measuring mushrooms and a brush with synthetic bristles for cleaning. The body is made of untreated natural wood. With a retractable blade and not too sharp, it can be used by anyone. It is made of stainless steel and has a knurled spine.


Mushroom knife with a cleaning brush, useful to clean the mushroom without damaging it. Open size 21 cm. The blade has a length of 7.50 cm. It is enclosed in a practical box. This model is also used for fishing.


Designed for picking and preparing mushrooms, this knife has a thin curved Sandvik steel blade with an indented spine. This way, you can easily peel your mushrooms. At the butt of the handle in natural lacquered oak wood, there is a boar hair brush.


The Auvex knife is perfect for cutting and cleaning mushrooms without damaging them. It is foldable and has a 7.3 cm blade. The wooden butt is equipped with a retractable brush.

Tactical knife

Multifunction knife 5-in-1, perfect for any type of outdoor activity. While not specifically intended for mushroom picking, it can also be used for this function. Made of stainless steel, the kit also includes a waterproof flashlight. Perfect for walks in the wilderness.

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