Butterfly knives

Butterfly knives

Ballisong knife, survival knife, whatever the name, you have probably heard of the butterfly knive as an amateur. It has become more and more popular over time. For many, it has special features that set it apart from other pocket knife models. Discover the butterfly knife models in our selection in order to benefit from reliable models at the best quality-price ratio.

Where do butterfly knives come from?

The exact provenance of the butterfly knife is difficult to define. Some texts lend its origin to the Philippines around the 9th century. Many people call it "Bailsong". It is a Tagalog word meaning "broken" because the original blade of the butterfly knife is made of buffalo horn and is very sharp. Other historians indicate that this knife is of European origin, and was introduced to the Philippines only around the 16th century. A trace of this knife was discovered in Europe about the 17th century. It is estimated that it was introduced in France towards the end of the 16th century. Other sources also indicate that it comes from China or Hong Kong.

Despite its numerous claimed origin, what is certain is that this knife became popular after the return of American soldiers from the Philippines after the Second World War. In any case, it seems obvious that this type of knife is present in different countries such as Germany, Spain or the United States. And all experts agree that the knife has a beautiful design, which can be attributed to a certain Perfecton de Leon.

What are the main characteristics of a butterfly knife?

It is a folding knife with three arms, two of which are not sharp. These can have many shapes and different inclinations. The third arm is the blade. It is made of unbreakable metal. One of the handles is equipped with a latch for added safety. The blade can be stored in a slot in the handle when the knife is not in use.

As for its design, the butterfly knife is available in different models and even in several colors. The “veinte-nueve” has a 29 cm blade and is intended for male use. The “veinte-quatro” has a 24 cm blade and is very practical for those with small hands. There are also 45 cm long bailsong. This model is designed only for the Philippino army.

What is the purpose of a butterfly knife?

Originally, the butterfly knife was a combat knife. Some branches of martial arts still use it. Nowadays, it is used in everyday life. It facilitates your DIY work requiring a knife. You can use it at the table to cut your meat or any hard enough food on your plate. It can also be used as a weapon, to defend yourself. However, you must have a legitimate reason to carry it. It is a very dangerous object and must be handled with care. You can also use it as a collector's item, especially if you are a knife enthusiast.

The knife should be held with one hand to avoid having your fingers cut off. So, again, you must be careful when using it.

What are the known appellations of a butterfly knife?

Its appellations are often inspired by the gestures made when handling the knife. There are for example: dagger grip ou DG, knife grip or KG, closed dagger or CG, closed knife or CK, counter-strike, CS and clockwise movement, CM.

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