Knives For Wood

Knives for wood

More than a simple craft, woodcarving is an art that requires meticulousness, finesse and a great deal of patience. But talent is not always enough to guarantee the success of a work on wood. The use of an adapted tool is also required, because in the trade, imperfections are not tolerated. An essential ally of cabinetmakers, carpenters and joiners, the knife for wood, also known as a wood chisel, is an exceptional tool. It features a steel blade with two tips, specifically designed to show the subtlety of woodcarving. As for the handle, it is encircled by metal rings that ensure that the worked wood cannot burst.

Belonging to the large fixed blade family, the knives for wood have been designed to meet the needs of all self-respecting carvers. Sharpened like a hunting knife, its blade glides with finesse over the wood, for a precise result and a smooth finish.

At Khurts, discover a whole range of knives for wood adapted to all your needs. Whatever the size of the blade or the handle material, we have it all. An online cutlery leader, Khurts also ensures that each displayed model meets the most demanding criteria: quality, reliability and ergonomics.

Deciphering the assembly of a wooden knife

A knife for wood is generally characterized by a hardened steel, an ergonomic tip and a metal ring that is fixed on the axis of the handle. The double-ended blade has primarily a flat part known as the board. The board is the key element that sets a knife for wood apart from a classic model. It is beveled and extremely sharp for easy wood carving. The angle of the bevel is between 25 and 30° on average. Knives for wood with these bevels are specifically designed for detailing. On the other hand, models with a 40° sharpening angle are stronger and can be used for large woodworking jobs.

As for the handle, it is often made of wood to ensure a better grip of the tool. However, it is not uncommon to see models designed with fiberglass or synthetic material.

The use of a knife for wood

Any carpenter worthy of the name knows how to use a knife for wood. But for an amateur tinker seeking only to rectify some defects on a wooden furniture, a few precautions is a must.

The first thing to do is to place the board above the wood to be worked on. Make sure that the bevel is in direct contact with the wood. To avoid damaging the essence of the material, work in the direction of the grain. It is imperative to work gently and delicately so as not to crack the wood. At the same time, remember to remove the knives as you progress to have a better view of your work.

If the blade of your knife for wood loses its sharpness with repeated use, be aware that it can be honed. But you must make sure you use a sharpener that is adapted to your needs.

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