‌Cutting axe

‌The cutting axe is mostly known and used to cleave wood. Generally, it consists of an iron blade and a wooden handle that can be handled with one or two hands. It exists in different shapes and variants: double-edged, tactical axe, etc.

‌The axe differs from the hatchet by its size. The length of its handle is almost double that of the hatchets. The axe is intended for heavy work. For example, it is used to cleave large pieces of wood or cut down trees in the forest. To accomplish these types of operations, the handle must be grasped with both hands and a large swing must be taken before striking. In this way, the force applied will be greater.

‌The handle of the axe can be made of wood or plastic. There are even axes with steel handles on the market nowadays. As for its blades, they must be sturdy and well sharpened. Honing the axe must be done regularly and in the right way, as it can even affect the cutting technique.

‌How to choose an axe

‌The axe is an extremely useful tool when venturing into the woods, especially when cutting wood for fire. But how do we determine if an axe is good or not and what are the characteristics we should check before buying one?

‌The selection criteria

‌There are an incredible amount of axes of all shapes and sizes on the market. Generally, to see if an axe is a good fit, you grasp its head by placing the handle along your extended arm. If the grip reaches your armpit, it should be fine.

‌The blade

‌When choosing an axe, the first thing you have to pay attention to is the choice of the blade which can be of three types:

  • ‌Concave
  • ‌Straight
  • ‌Convex ‌

‌The handle

‌The handle of the axe plays a major role in its handling. The longer it is, the more you will be able to use it for big jobs. However, we advise you to choose a handle that is neither too long nor too short, so that your axe remains light and easy to handle.

‌How to sharpen an axe?

‌To sharpen your axe, pass the blade over the sharpening tool and keep it stationary. The blade should also be in the correct position to avoid possible accidents. There are various complete sharpening kits on the market that will allow you to do this task safely.

‌How to use an axe correctly?

‌For security reasons, there are a few basic rules to keep in mind when using an axe:

  • ‌To avoid accidents, never leave the axe on the ground.
  • ‌Before cutting down a tree, you must first have the necessary authorizations.
  • ‌Careful not to put a hand or a foot in the path of the axe when using it. Never put a hand or a foot in the path of the axe when using it.‌
  • ‌The axe cannot be used for some everyday tasks such as removing nails, opening boxes or digging. ‌
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