Decorative Katana

Decorative katana

The Katana, also called samurai sword, is a long and elegant sword with a blade length of more than 60 cm. It appeared in Japan in 710-794 and was called tachi. In 1500, this type of sword became the preferred weapon of the samurai. During this time, all his weapons were carefully handmade with attention to detail and the smallest of decorations.

The Katana became more popular as the close combat warfare evolved. Faster drawing of the sword and an instant hit began to be crucial to the success of a battle. The Katana sword could be grasped and used to strike the enemy in a single movement. Later variants of this samurai sword were applied in the Japanese army of World War II.

At its peak, the katana had a strong spiritual meaning, apart from a military use. The samurai transmitted it from generation to generation, as he was considered to have kept his soul. This sword was perceived as a living deity and sometimes even bore the name of a god. The production process of the katana was kept very secret. Nowadays it is still highly respected and even treated with a touch of mysticism.

At Khurts, we offer you several models and replicas of Japanese Katana, perfect to decorate your home and transmit this unique and authentic Japanese culture.

Use of a decorative katana

A decorative Katana is only designed to be displayed on a wall or support. You should never even try to cut targets with a decorative sword. As a decorative piece or accessory, you can choose it just for its appearance and not opt for an advanced and expensive model.

The material used to make a decorative Katana

A stainless steel or aluminium katana is only suitable for decorative katanas or for the practice of martial arts. These blades will not withstand the rigours of the cutting work and can break, exposing you to the risk of being hit by a sharp piece of metal. If you plan to use your sword for cutting, choose one that is made of high carbon forged steel.

There are 3 ways to make a Katana :

  • hot-forged and hot-folded
  • hot-forged without bending
  • hot-forged without bending
  • Machine stamped

Machine-blurred Katanas are less robust, but more aesthetic. You can therefore choose them for your decorative katana. However, if you still want to bet on high quality, hot forged and hot folded katanas are the best.

Whether used as a cutting tool or weapon, or just as a decoration, know that the katana remains something beautiful. It will decorate and enhance your interior, while inspiring the great values of Japanese samurais and warriors.

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