Ham knives

Ham knives

The ham knife is a knife with a long, thin blade with a rounded point. There is no depth in the blade because this knife is mainly designed to remove thin slices of ham from the bone. This knife can also be used for any fine cutting, including slicing smoked salmon or sashimi fish. The blades of some ham knives have slots. The air that circulates between the meat and the knife prevents the meat from sticking to the knife. The fact that it is also very decorative, is certainly a bonus.

You want to buy one with no idea which model to choose? Khurts is there to guide you in your purchase. Specialist in online cutlery, we offer you an infinite number of models of ham knives able to meet all your requirements. We have selected for you the best models on the market. We pay attention to the quality, reliability and ergonomics of each product. Each option displayed is offered at an unmatched price.

The size of the blade greatly influences the choice of the tool

It is used to determine the cutting capacity. For example, a 330 mm diameter blade is recommended for a 260 mm cut. With a 250 mm blade, the cutting capacity is 215 mm. A knife with a 370 mm blade is suitable for all sizes of ham. On the other hand, a 195 mm model is reserved for rosettes or sausages. The choice depends on the daily volume of food to be cut. Similarly, restaurants or caterers are advised to prefer a blade between 250 and 300 mm. For cooked meats, it is preferable to choose larger models. For the material, the blade is available in stainless steel, aluminium, etc. Khurts offers you a wide range of choices of ham knives with any blade size and in different materials. Just choose the model you need.

Another decisive criterion in the purchase of a ham knife is the speed of rotation

It allows you to make precise and smooth cuts without effort. Be aware that the size of the blade affects the speed. In other words, a large blade has a lower speed than a small blade. However, power can also affect speed, even with a larger blade.

Cutting thickness is the last important element for a ham knife. Existing models generally offer an adjustment of the cut thickness. This adjustable option therefore makes it possible to adapt the cut according to needs or orders: thin or thicker slices.

The handle: to guarantee a firm grip

The best knife for slicing ham should have a comfortable and well-balanced handle to allow you to cut thin and regular slices without getting tired quickly. It should be wide enough to fit in your hand and non-slip so that you have a firm grip.

The ham knife is equipped with a water-resistant polypropylene handle. The handle is seamlessly attached to the blade to avoid gaps that could trap small pieces of meat. This feature, together with the handle's resistance to water, guarantees hygiene, as any trapped piece of meat and moisture attract potentially dangerous germs.

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