Chef's knives

Chef's knives

Chef's knives are used to cut meat, dice vegetables, separate certain cuts, slice herbs and chop nuts. There are different ranges for different purposes for specific ingredients, including carving, slicing and bread knives. A chef's knife is the most versatile of all kitchen knives, so if you are going to invest in just one knife, this is the type of knife you need. Anything that needs to be cut in the kitchen requires a chef's knife. The wide blade of a chef's knife can also be used on the side to crush garlic or mash lemongrass. With a blunt edge, the back of the knife can also be used for picking up waste on your cutting board.

Thinking of buying a chef's knife to complete your collection? Khurts will help you to find the model adapted to your needs. As an online cutlery specialist, we offer you a variety of choices of chef's knives, adapted to different uses. We have the best selections in the market. Flexible and versatile, each product on display combines quality at the best price.

Versatility and weight — essential factors of a knife

Above all, chef's knives offer great versatility. Unless you spend a considerable amount of time deboning fish or peeling pears, you won't need a boning, peeling, slicing, serrated knife or other specialized knives. A chef's knife should be able to meet 95% of your needs. By purchasing this model, you will benefit from its versatility and multi-functionality. This will save you a lot of time.

You will also have to try several knives to find your ideal weight. A heavy chef's knife cuts food more easily because it "falls" with more force. However, a lighter chef's knife cuts more freely. Its weight allows you to maneuver it more skillfully. At Khurts, you will have a wide selection of chef's knives at different weights. Just choose the design that suits you best.

Balance and size, to check carefully

The perfect balance is in the palm of the hand of the person using it. Judge the balance by grasping the knife by its handle. If you feel that it is misplaced at the back of the handle or on the blade, it is probably not for you. An unbalanced knife will make you work harder.

Balance from side to side is also important. When resting on the blade, the knife should not be unstable, as if it wanted to tilt from one side to the other.

An 8-inch chef's knife is the most popular among home cooks for its versatility. The longer blade of a 10 inch knife can cut more volume, but can be intimidating.

A 6 inch chef's knife can offer an element of agility, like that of a paring knife. However, it is not enough to work with bulky ingredients or to cut something large, such as a watermelon.

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