Kitchen knife

Kitchen knife

If the first knife saw the light of day more than 25,000 years ago, over the centuries it has become an essential tool. In its early days, it was made of stone or bone and was used for hunting and survival. Nowadays, its use has not really changed. Its blade is often made of steel and thanks to its sharpness, it has become essential in everyday life whether it is for cooking, cutting food, hunting, or survival in the wilderness.

Therefore, there is a wide range of knives: hunting knife, survival knife, kitchen knife, table knife, etc. Today, we will focus on its most common use: in the kitchen or on the table.

How to choose your kitchen knife?

You should know that the word "kitchen knife" refers to a set of different types of knives used in culinary arts. Each of these different knives has its own specific function: meat knife, slicing knife, boning knife, Japanese knife, vegetable peeler, etc.

On the table, the knife also exists in several varieties: the bread knife, the cheese knife, etc. Less sharp and more design-oriented, the table knife is used daily in every household.

The design of the kitchen knife and the table knife has changed a lot over time. The particularity of a kitchen knife is its blade, generally designed with a single-edge. This differentiates it from others.

Whether you are a cooking enthusiast, a chef, or just looking for good table knives, bear in mind that you have to choose your knife carefully so you can be fully satisfied. Here are the essential criteria to help you with your choice:

The choice of the blade

The choice of blade material is essential, as it will define the longevity of your knife.

There are several types of materials for the blade, but it is important to distinguish between those that are strong, easy to handle, and easy to maintain. Great cooks particularly recommend knives with stainless steel blades. They are renowned for their durability and their sharpness, these blades are resistant to rust and require less maintenance. You can also choose ceramic or stainless steel blades for more aesthetics and a better price-quality ratio.

The choice of the handle

The handle of a kitchen knife is another criterion not to be taken lightly. Avoid cheap handles because they can easily come off the blade.

A compressed wood handle is ideal for a good grip. Easy to maintain, it offers comfort and a better grip.

You can also choose a polypropylene plastic handle. It is hygienic and very robust. Professional chefs recommend them! Finally, when it comes to safety, whatever the material it is made with, the most important thing is to choose a non-slip handle to avoid accidents.

The use of the knife

Cutting, slicing, boning meat or fish, chopping food, each task in the kitchen corresponds to a specific knife. So choose according to its use. And don't forget to put them in a safe place out of the reach of children.

How to maintain your kitchen knife?

No matter how sturdy it is, over the years, a knife always loses its sharpness. However, a kitchen knife is not very useful if it is not perfectly sharpened. Therefore, one of the most important criteria is its maintenance. For this, you should adopt some good practices:

  • Our first advice is not to wash your knives in the dishwasher. However practical and revolutionary this machine may be, it can quickly damage the handle and the blade of your kitchen knife.
  • About the drying. It is essential to dry your knife well after each use and each wash to avoid rust.
  • For the storage, prefer a knife block. It prevents the blades from rubbing and will protect you from accidents.
  • To sharpen your knife, you can choose between a manual sharpener or an electric sharpener. Your choice will greatly impact the quality of your blade and its sharpness.
  • Finally, if you want your knife to remain as new despite years of use in the kitchen or on your table, remember that the quality and choice of the cutting board is also essential. Avoid using your knives on a hard surface that could damage the blade. Choose a wooden or polyethylene board.
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Kitchen and table knives

A good knife is a must for all grand cuisine enthusiasts. Kitchen and table knives are available in several variations. At Khurts, we offer you at the best prices, the most beautiful knives indispensable in the kitchen and for the table setting.

Characteristics of the kitchen knives

Kitchen knives are indispensable tools in everyday life. They are mainly used to prepare food. They are generally fixed blade knives, which vary in size, shape and dimensions depending on their use. Because of the different preparations to be done in the kitchen, or even at the table during meals, kitchen knives come in different models. They are available from the simplest to the most professional types.

The different types of kitchen knives

There are several types of kitchen knives to choose from depending on the use:

  • The paring knife — This is the most basic and indispensable model in the kitchen. Its short and thick blade allows you to work with precision. It is used to degrease meat, to peel vegetables, to slice and chop.
  • The chef's knife — Also indispensable in the kitchen, it is ideal for all cutting work on vegetables, fruit and meat. It can also be used to chop herbs.
  • The slicer — This is the big kitchen knife. It is distinguished by its long and rounded blade that allows a quick and sharp movement. It can cut, slice, chop.
  • The sole fillet knife — this model of knife has a long, supple and fine blade. It is used to slice fish flesh, but also sausages.

The table knives

Table knives are also available in different models:

  • The bread knife — Essential at the table, it is used to cut bread. It is characterized by a toothed blade. This type of knife can also be used to peel certain fruits such as pineapple.
  • The steak knife — It is used to slice or carve meat. It is a variant of the office knife
  • The butter knife— It is mainly used to cut butter and to spread it on bread.

Many other more specific models are also available.

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