Handcrafted folding knives

Handcrafted folding knives

Folding knives are often characterized by a blade that folds inside the handle. This design classifies them as the most practical models of the larger family of knives. Available in a variety of sizes and dimensions, they also demonstrate great versatility. Whether in the kitchen or on a hike, they adapt to all uses. No surprise then if handcrafted folding knives are particularly popular with collectors. Careful design and meticulous construction are the hallmarks of these models.

The haute couture counterpart in the world of cutlery, the handcrafted folding knives stand out with their unique pieces. Thus, their name, which means knives of art. They are the définition of elegance, quality, originality and practicality.

Are you looking for a handcrafted folding knife? The reference in the field is Khurts. Specialist of cutlery online, we propose to the knife collectors and amateurs like you a diverse range of models to your satisfaction. Whatever your design preferences, you will certainly find the one that will live up to your expectations in our collection.

Why a handcrafted folding knife?

If you are a collector, the handmade folding knife is a must to complete your collection. Unlike the classic models, they represent the high-end reference in the world of cutlery. The blade is often made of premium and rare materials to distinguish them with elegance. You can also find handcrafted folding knives designed with damascus blades to further enhance the aesthetic appeal. Plusr, regardless of the type of blade material, the handcrafted knife has multiple uses. They are used by passionate pickers, gardeners, hikers and so on.

The handle: an original design

If the handle of classic folding knives is often made of wood or synthetic material, the handcrafted models have a completely different structure. They are distinguished by their composition of stainless steel plates on which wooden plates will be fixed. The latter are often made of oak, horn or boxwood. The handle of a handcrafted folding knife can also integrate stainless steel bolsters which are welded on top of the plates. This manufacturing technique is what guarantees solidity and resistance to the knife.

What about the folding mechanism on handcrafted knives?

For a handcrafted folding knife, like all other knives of the same family, the spring will be fixed between the two plates of the handle. The handle can be guilloché and the plates can be chiselled according to everyone's personalization needs. As for the blade opening mechanism, handcrafted folding knives can integrate a nail nick or a thumb stud system.

The maintenance of a handcrafted folding knife

As far as maintenance is concerned, to avoid tarnishing the beautiful design of your knife, a case will always be a must. It will protect the handle from all kinds of external aggressions. This accessory will also help to protect your knife from possible shocks to which it is likely to be exposed. Always at the level of maintenance, in order not to damage the blade, especially if it is made out of stainless steel, think of wiping it well after each use. Water, even a small drop, can cause corrosion.

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Blade length (mm)

90 - 105


60 - 65


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